They’re back! For the fourth annual Dragon Boat Festival, Sunday, September 18th at Canalfront Park in Lewes, Delaware.


Resembling canoes, each of these colorful boats consists of a crew of twenty paddlers (male and female) who compete three boats at a time, racing down the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal to a steady drumbeat.

The drummer on each boat beats in time to each stroke, setting the pace–much like a drummer in a band who drives the rhythm of a song.


It’s a lively, colorful scene to watch the boats glide along, as the crowd cheers on their teams.  Each boat is sponsored by organizations whose generosity supports Sussex Academy, the beneficiary of the event, which continues to grow in popularity.


The S.S. Dogfish stays on dry land, but you can win this boat load of beer by participating in the raffle.   All proceeds benefit Sussex Academy.  And while the dragon boat races are the focal point, the day-long festivities take place amid the beautiful, serene backdrop of Canalfront Park…


….a picturesque, idyllic landscape that provides year-round activities, and serves as a gathering place for families and friends, and people of all ages.  For more information about the 2016 Dragon Boat Festival, visit  Don’t miss the boat(s)! 


See you Sunday!


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