We rescued Lewes–not his original name–just over two years ago.  We were in the process of moving from Pennsylvania to Lewes, Delaware, so his new name seemed appropriate. IMG_4209

Because he was a rescue, we know very little about him, other than that he was viciously attacked by another dog (supposedly another family dog), then put up for adoption.  He was obviously in need of a loving, supportive home…


His right paw was shaved where the IV had been, and when we brought him home, he was in dire need of some major TLC…


Given his history, Lewes gets a “free pass” in life–to safety, security, creature comforts and–most of all–love.  He’s allowed on the furniture….


Lounges on our screened-in porch…


Occasionally attends black-tie events….


Has a boat….


Gets to ride in the front seat with his Dad…


and lets us know when he’s ready for a walk (usually 4-5 times a day!)…


Yes, Lewes has adjusted very well to his new life in Lewes, our forever home. We love this guy and often refer to him as an “old soul.”  His eyes are intelligent and very revealing….


He totally “gets it.”  In his own way, Lewes acknowledges and appreciates the life we have given him.  He’s come a long way, but so have we…the love that has always been abundant in our household seems magnified since he became part of our family. Lewes gives as good as he gets.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, check out the Delaware SPCA at http://www.delspca.org or First State Animal Center and SPCA at http://www.fsac-spca.org


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