Six years ago on October 9th, I embarked on the most joyful ride of my life! img_0693

Somehow my husband managed to throw a surprise wedding… well, he was able to keep it a secret for several weeks anyway.  So even though I had an inkling of the “when,” I didn’t discover the “where,” until the day before when he included me on a group email by accident. Turns out it was to take place in a beautiful art gallery….


….a unique setting where about a hundred of our family members and friends gathered to celebrate on a picture-perfect day!


It was perfect–and all I had to do was show up!   Afterwards, we rode off into the sunset…


….on our trusty Vespa,  our favorite mode of transportation.   The next day, we took off for Charleston, SC (on a plane, not the Vespa) for a 4-day honeymoon.


One evening at an Italian restaurant near our hotel, we came upon this mural, a collage of sorts, that made us pause–


Art imitating life?   In any case, I had this photo–taken with an old Blackberry–enlarged and printed onto canvas and gave it to my husband that first Christmas after we were married.


We’re still trying to find the right spot for it in our new home–not sure this does it justice, but at least it’s out of the man cave (for now).


And our wedding day “limo” is now our beach chariot.


And so they lived happily ever after in the land of Lewes!   The end.   Or rather, the beginning.


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