While summer didn’t officially start until June 21st, our summer season began a month ago here in Lewes, DE.  I’m referring to that time of year when a steady stream of guests starts arriving–usually in mid-May as “beach days” become reality–continuing well into October.


Four years ago, our very first guests brought us a thoughtful and entertaining housewarming gift–a guest book!  If you host guests frequently–whether or not you live at the beach–I highly recommend getting one.  From restaurant reviews to favorite activities, our guests often leave enthusiastic observations about Lewes, along with some of the highlights of their visit: “The drunken sailor song will be stuck in our heads for weeks!”  Or, “I would offer to reciprocate the hospitality, but I live in Syracuse, NY…”


You get the idea.  We even got a 5-star rating.*  I always tell our guests that our only house rule is that “there are no rules.”  But in reality, there is ONE rule…


To my recollection, we’ve never had to enforce this rule.  It just serves as a gentle reminder that while our guests can bring guests–we need to draw the line somewhere, since some weekends, we are “filled to capacity,” with all three guest rooms occupied.


Who wouldn’t love this room? Recently, during a remodel of our master bath, we stayed in this room for almost 2 weeks–it was like a mini-vacation!


And–when we’re not indulging our guests with some of the fine restaurants in downtown Lewes–we dine al fresco.  Our screened-in porch has been the site of many memorable dinners and gatherings with family and close friends.


Lewes is a special place, and we love to share it with all those who come to call, whether they’re passing through for a few hours, or spending a few days with us. So amid the piles of laundry, unmade beds, and the urge to post a “no vacancy” sign, we are blessed to call this place home and to have family–and friends who are like family--come to visit.

Happy summer everyone, from Lewes…the town and the dog!

cropped-img_3790.jpg*A family member suggested that WE rate our guests. Criteria could include: 1) thoughtfulness (like the 3 Wise Men, do they arrive bearing gifts?); 2) ease of hosting (low- vs. high-maintenance); 3) generosity (do they treat us to dinner at least one night?); 4) cleanliness (upon their departure, does their bathroom require a hazmat team?); other thoughts?? Suggestions??




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