To paraphrase Buzz Lightyear: to Bushwick–and beyond!”  Once again, we ventured outside of our Lewes, Delaware comfort zone–this time, to the exotic island of Manhattan to celebrate our daughter’s 30th birthday!!

Our party of six began our culinary adventure at Tommy Bahama’s on 5th Avenue, just a short walk from Rockefeller Center.  From key lime martinis to pina colada cake and pineapple creme brulee–and everything in between–we were impressed with the food, service, and laid-back ambiance.  We were definitely on island time!

One of the highlights of the weekend was our stay in Bushwick–not the hotel so much, but the surrounding neighborhood.  We had a little time the next morning before heading off to Sunday brunch, so we did some exploring and found this cozy spot just around the corner. After being forced to “just chat with each other” over a cup of coffee, we roamed the streets, and were instantly transported into an outdoor art gallery.


One of the artists at work, early Sunday morning….


…and the “not-so-little” Mermaid could not escape our awe and admiration.

This “pinwheel” of color was adjacent to a pretty-in-pink flower market….


Even this tiny eatery was a work of art!


After a nice brunch in Brooklyn, it was time to head home to Lewes–the town and the dog (see A Dog’s Life in Lewes, an earlier post).


Bonus points if you can name at least one NY landmark in this pic!


No caption required.  Wherever your travels take you this summer and beyond–stay safe and enjoy the journey.  What’s on your list?


One thought on ““We’re not in Kansas anymore…”

  1. How do you make such a hellish drive into a beautiful memory?? I love you honey… remember at Sunday brunch when Alex said” you may have trouble gettin outta here” duh, i didn’t know but the varazzano bridge was closed as was everywhere for the “Five Bourough Bike Race” soo we drove the streets from Queens across Manhatten and out the Holland Tunnel… soo lucky we have a daughter in the city, or else….


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